The different breast enhancement options

There has been a lot of debate on the best breast enhancement options that women should use. Breast plastic surgery, commonly referred to as breast implants, dominates the method that majority of women use. There are, however, several non-surgical options that have been discovered with time.

This article will explore various methods such as:

A. Surgical procedures

1. Breast lift surgery

ghsgs76shj3434This procedure makes the breasts firmer by doing away with the excess skin and strengthening the tissues around the breast in order to reshape it. It is important for a woman to understand that this method does not immensely increase the breasts’ size unless breast augmentation surgery is incorporated.

2. Breast augmentation surgery

Breast implants or fat is what this method focuses on to increase the size of breast lost in instances such as pregnancy.

B. Non-surgical procedures

1. Exercise

This needs to be done on a regular basis to achieve the desired results. The exercises that a woman should engage in include: chest press-ups and push-ups which facilitate firming up on the muscles around the breasts. If a woman is unable to engage in these natural exercises, she can invest in the specified equipment like dumbbells.

2. Breast enhancement hypnosis

This method dictates that a woman takes the initiative through meditation and breathing exercises as the pathway to attaining firmer breasts.

3. Natural supplements and breast enhancement cream

gssa76hg33This is the most recognized natural method. The supplement triggers the production of estrogen which is responsible for the expansion of breast tissues.

When it comes to enhancing cream, you can go for Breast Actives. Check out the reviews about this product and purchase on discount.

4. Electric and manual breast enhancement pumps

The pumps exert a force on the breasts through cups that are enclosed to the breasts, activating the development of breast muscles.

5. Breast massage

This is another favored method, especially in Asia. A woman only needs to find a skilled masseur who can offer the massage services. In a situation where the woman is not comfortable to have a masseur perform the massage, she can get information about how to conduct it and do it from her home.

6. Fat transfer method

hjzsj87ehnewThis technique involves the use of the woman’s body tissue fat. In most cases, it is used for women who have had breast cancer. Nevertheless, this method has not gained much acceptance since queries are still being raised as to whether it will make detection of breast cancer difficult.

In conclusion, surgical breast enhancement option is widely accepted since it has been in existence for a quite a long duration of time. Furthermore, its advantages and disadvantages are well known which makes many women go for it. But if you are hesitant to go under the knife, you can get yourself the best breast enhancement cream.

Protecting Children With Affordable Health Insurance For Kids

Protecting Children With Affordable Health Insurance For Kids (1)

Healthcare is out of reach of many American Children and those who are covered enjoy few benefits. If your kid’s are left out of insurance don’t worry as there are some inclusive programs and some that are specifically made for kids.

Medicaid is targeted towards families with limited income including children and pregnant women. This program covers both U.S citizens and lawfully admitted immigrants whose parents may not be legal. On the other hand there is the CHIP program that covers all children under 19 whose parents earn too much to be admitted to the Medicaid program but cannot afford to pay for insurance. In most cases a family of four with income of up to 48,500 per year qualifies.

How to find a health care provider who accepts Medicaid or CHIP

· Contact relevant agencies in your state to find information on registered healthcare providers.

· Ask the current doctor whether they accept your health plan and if they don’t, try finding one who does.

CHIP and Medicaid eligibility

Enrollment period is unlimited for Medicaid or CHIP and coverage begins immediately for those who qualify. You need to fill out an application form to find out whether you are eligible or make a call to the state health department. If anyone in your household is disqualified this information will be sent to the relevant state agency who will contact you.

Protecting Children With Affordable Health Insurance For Kids (3)Parents, guardians and authorized people can apply for Medicaid or CHIP on behalf of children but there are some exceptions to this rule. Where the state allows it, teenagers living alone can apply on their own behalf. Parents, guardians and authorized people are allowed to apply for Medicaid or CHIP on behalf of children but there are some exceptions to this rule. Where the state allows it, teenagers living alone can apply on their own behalf.

Coverage might differ from state to state but routine checkups, immunization, prescriptions, doctor visits and emergency services are all covered in all parts. CHIP coverage is free in most states but there are some who charge a monthly plan. However, the amount you pay in this plan shouldn’t exceed 5% of your family’s annual income.

Marketplace insurance for kidsProtecting Children With Affordable Health Insurance For Kids (2)

You might choose a private insurance plan for your kids but that will only add to your health insurance costs. Children that are eligible for CHIP don’t enjoy any savings on marketplace insurance.

With so many affordable options, kids can enjoy premium insurance services that guarantee their safety despite their family income. It is easy to find out if you are eligible by visiting the official government health website or relevant state agency.

The Link Between Breast Cancer And Pregnancy After 40

The Link Between Breast Cancer And Pregnancy After 40 (2)

Relationship between breast cancer and pregnancy.

However, researchers and physicians are all in agreement that there exists a link between breast cancer and pregnancy. Based on research conducted within the last decade, the risk of breast cancer increases within the first 2 to 15 years after a pregnancy. Contrastingly, women who give birth to their first children before the age of 30 are less likely to suffer from post-menopausal breast cancer.

This means that women’s long-term risk of breast cancer increases when they give birth after their fortieth birthday. Researchers have come up with theories to explain the link between breast cancer and pregnancy after 40.

  • Pregnancy hormones cause genetic changes

It is a widely accepted fact that hormones released during pregnancy trigger genetic changes. These genetic changes occur particularly in the mammary glands and contribute to the maturity of breast cells. The maturity of breast cells helps protect the body against breast cancer. Thus, women who get pregnant after their fortieth birthday are at a higher risk of breast cancer. The reason being that such women have been exposed to more estrogen than younger women. Estrogen is a hormone that has been linked to increased risk of breast cancer.

  • Genetic changes increase with age

The link between breast cancer and pregnancy after 40 can be attributed to increased chances of genetic changes. The chances of genetic changes increase with age. Thus women who get pregnant when they are aged 40 years or older are more likely to develop genetic changes during pregnancy. These genetic changes contribute to the development of cancerous cells in the breasts. These cancerous cells lead to breast cancer.

  • Age and the link between breast cancer and pregnancy after 40The Link Between Breast Cancer And Pregnancy After 40 (1)

During pregnancy, a woman’s breast cells grow rapidly. This rapid growth can result in genetic damage in the breast cells. Genetic damage has been associated with increased risk of breast cancer. Furthermore, the chances of genetic damage due to rapid cell growth increases with age.

Thus women aged 35 years and over are at a higher risk of genetic damage. Thus, if the genes in one cell get damaged, the damaged is copied to the other developing cells. This increases the risk of breast cancer. In essence, women who have children after reaching age 40 are at a higher risk of breast cancer due to genetic damage. Also, based on research, the risk of breast cancer increases with age, thus older women are at a higher risk than their younger counterparts.